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As a child focused organization, World Vision International (WVI) is committed to the protection of children and does not employ staff whose background is not suitable for working with children. All employment is conditioned upon the successful completion of all applicable background checks, including criminal record checks where possible.

Position Title:VFI Regional Director AsiaApplication Deadline Date:28 May 2012
Position Location:Phohm Phen/or other location in AsiaPosition Start Date01 Jul 2012
Region:VisionFund InternationalPosition End Date:30 Jun 2014
Requisition Category:InternationalRecruitment Priority:Need Immediately
Country Name:VFIProgram/Office Name:VisionFund International Asia
City/Province:Phohm Phen/or other location in AsiaEmployee Type:Contract
Job Grade Level:19Recruitment Status:Filled
Is this a family post?Family - Spouse with Children
Requisition Num:2012EASIVDK-8TNHG7


World Vision (WV) operates a number of different ministries to empower the poor in nearly 100 countries worldwide, and VisionFund International (VFI) is a subsidiary of WV responsible for running the network of microfinance institutions (MFIs). Microfinance is one of the ministries supporting economic development. It gives the ability to families who would otherwise not have access to financial services, loans to start businesses which in turn generate income to provide for their children’s education and family well being. Micro finance lending to the entrepreneurial poor is performed through 36 Microfinance Institutions (MFI’s) globally and the VF network has outstanding loans of nearly $400m to over 700,000 clients impacting around 2 Million children. At the heart of VFI’s work is ensuring that children are impacted positively and sustainably through microfinance. Past success in this ministry, and a goal of further impacting 3.5 million children by the year 2014 leads to the need for individuals to execute VisionFund’s strategies regionally in an integrated fashion with the World Vision ministries.
VisionFund is seeking a Regional Director (RD) to lead and manage the execution of VisionFund’s strategy in the region. The CEOs of each MFI in the region will report jointly to the RD and their local Boards, and the RD will represent VFI on all the MFI Boards in the region. The RD is therefore responsible for ensuring the delivery of the ‘double bottom line’ of financial and social performance in the region. The role also involves managing the regional MFI technical staff who support the RD in capacity building and oversight of the MFIs, ensuring proper governance, controls, policies, procedures, and performance targets are achieved.


The position ensures that regional direction and country level strategies and budgets are aligned to the global VFI strategy and tied into the regional and country level WV strategies. This position will support the consolidation of all WV MFI’s into VisionFund ownership, including the satisfactory legal and regulatory alignment for each jurisdiction. He/she will ensure that all growth initiatives are well-managed both at the local and regional. Measures and targets will be established and agreed for each MFI and quarterly reviews held to establish progress and decide upon adjustments and redirection of resources, particularly funding, in consultation with VFI regional finance director. All efforts will be made to provide regional solutions to improve MFI services, impact more children, maintain quality and sustainability. As many MFI’s are either willingly or being forced to move into regulated structures, this position will consider the best structure and ensure it can comply with all regulatory requirements

As part of the role, the RD will need to work with WV teams responsible for the overall delivery of strategies and programs to ensure that the microfinance work is fully integrated into transformational development initiatives, providing sustained economic development in the Area Development Programs (ADP’s) where the poor have been identified as needing assistance. This role will therefore have a dotted line to the WV Regional Senior Director for Policy and Programmes reflecting the importance of aligned WV/VFI initiatives.


Will carry out additional responsibilities and projects as assigned, including administrative and planning functions both within and outside the region.



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